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How Many Jobs Are there? Really?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Can I work full time? What can I expect?

I talk to a lot of beginning actors, or people that have yet to make the 'jump' into acting and I have to say, it's not a 'jump'. It's more like a small step off a porch. The idea might sound insane to you, but the truth is you won't leaving your accounting job and just be in movies. I know you know this, but do you really know this?

It's very likely that after you get an agent, you may get one job a year. Now, you may very well do 10 auditions in a year, but you'll probably get about 10% of the jobs you go out for, and that's if you're really good at auditioning. Eventually you'll figure, 'well if I get more agents' I can get more work. True. Then you'll decide 'If I get 5 agents' I'll get more opportunities and get more work. Let's do that math. If one agent get's you 1-2 jobs a year starting out, then two agents will get you 2-4 a year. Five agents might get you 8-10 and let's say for fun that each of those jobs are $1000 a day. That's about 10k. Right? While it sounds really successful to have five agents and be doing ten jobs a year (it is), the truth is you shouldn't quit your accounting job, or you won't have the cash flow to chase the acting dream.

And so that's the truth. There are two resumes for all creatives. There's the one that pays the bills (accounting) and you still go to college for, and then there's the one that makes your heart full with glee (not the show). If you're smart, you'll work towards combining those. Movies, and commercials need an accountant too? See what I did there? Now you aren't working for a big chemical company or something just pushing numbers, now you've combined the resumes. Eventually you're pals with everyone on set, you're the big movie accountant, and you make a call (because you've been taking classes and prepping right?) and you throw your hat in as an actor. Now, they listen to you because they know you. You have power and you know people. That's the smartest way in. Bring a lot of skills to the table.

Good luck, and I'll see you out here!

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