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I Don't Like Acting Coaches

Updated: May 29, 2020

I've never been a fan of people that teach acting, and for the most part I'm talking about people that haven't ever acted. What? Yes, its prevalent.

Why I Started Lumiere Academy

When I started Lumiere I was leaving work at a reputable talent agency in business development. I had (and have) a great relationship as I was transisitioning to another career when one of the agents mentioned 'you should train people'. I had probably been complaining about local scammers teaching acting and how frustrating it was to see people taken advantage of. I thought at first 'no way', simply because I didn't want to be associated with acting schools and coaches. The old saying 'those that can't do, teach' came to mind, however in this business it's pretty easy to show your resume' because it's visual. Showing my 15 years of work was pretty easy, even if I could only find 20% or so of the work I'd done (You don't often get to see it). So, I decided to throw my hat in the ring based on two things I'd seen the most successful actors & models do while inside the agency, and on my own as an professional.

There are two reasons people don't do well in this business, and it has little to do with the 'art' of acting. 1. They don't understand the business, and they make poor choices. 2. They don't get time on camera, or get to see themselves or others to compare to. It sounds simple, but those are the two most major differences I've seen between people that book a lot, and people that flounder until they quit. I started with those two questions, and built a teaching course around that.

At Lumiere Academy, I put you in an actual studio, just like you'd experience on most sets. For the first four weeks we start each class with a 20 minute business session on 'why' the business is the way it is, and how you can move successfully within it. You'll get all the scripts and instruction on Thursdays before class, and on Mondays after the weekend, you'll get all the video to keep from your class session. You can keep the video for your reel. In the fight and sixth week we shoot an original short film. It's crazy every time but we do it. We shoot about ten short films each year.

I can't make you a professional, and I can't guarantee you'll be one, but I can' guarantee that you will have the correct information to be one after taking our 6 week semester.

Email me, and we can chat!

Be Well.


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