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'Talent' in this business are all actors and models.

Talent agencies do a hefty business in both the booking for video production as well as digital print. I see a lot of people come to Lumiere wanting to 'model' but not act, and to an agent that sound like 'I'd like to only be booked on half the jobs you have for me.' Which translates to less money for you, and less for them. You can imagine how that might sit with your business partner....not well. The truth is, actors can move to modeling far easier than models to acting. Acting takes more time to get the work, more learned skill and to be honest, more hoops to jump through. Models are skilled to be sure, but one set of great pictures may get you booked many times. An actor on the other hand, starts over with every audition no matter how many times they've been on camera. So both are important to be skilled at. Again, the more you can do, the more valuable you are. If you're a model and you can't speak on camera, get out there and try it out. Start learning just like you did with your first bike. Jump on and start crashing.

I'll see you out there!

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