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Real Agencies Don't Chase You

Getting calls or instagram messages from 'Agencies'? Don't Bite.

I've been getting a lot of calls and emails lately from 'models' that have been contacted on instagram and other places about so called 'agencies' trying to sign them. Let me ask you something, 'How many people do you know, want to be models or actors?' You ever met someone that doesn't like movies or doesn't want to be told they are beautiful? No. You haven't. So if so many people want to be in movies and works as models and get paid for it, why are agencies out there hustling to find them? THEY AREN'T. Don't be duped by this. These places want money for other services, and remember, agencies pay YOU to work with them, not the other way around. Being a professional means getting paid for your skills and your look.

Agencies get hundreds unsolicited submissions a month. They can pick and choose the best, the people that are mostly likely to book and with the highest skill rate. 'Talent' are never in short supply. Skilled actors and models that can be a good business partner might be harder to find, but beautiful faces are not hard to find.

So just like anything in life...if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The people sliding in your DM's asking you to model, will eventually ask you for payments too. They might have classes or promise to submit you to a larger agency (you can do that yourself), or teach you the business. Classes can be a good thing, but you want to make sure you look for the teachers portfolio, and reel. Ask for their tear sheets and resume. Ask what kind of work they are doing right now. Casting directors might know a lot about acting, but they aren't actors. Agents might know a lot about modeling, but they aren't models. Take classes about modeling from a working model. Take classes about acting from a working actor.

If they say 'Well I used to do it.' Just ask politely 'Great, is there a place I can view that work?' Personally, as a professional myself, I'm always thrilled to send people to my reels and work. No one that's done the actual work would be offended by that question. I'm happy to show you my success! Who wouldn't?

Be smart out there models and actors. Only the strong and savvy survive.

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